Software Engineer

Google LLC   Kirkland, WA   Full-time     Information Services / Technology (IT)
Posted on April 20, 2021

Software Engineer (10 positions), Google LLC. Kirkland, WA: Design, develop, modify, and/or test software needed for various Google projects. Duties include: use required technologies to support, maintain, and upgrade code and participate in necessary redesign and reimplementation of existing components of Google software applications; evaluate complex technical data, develop strategic recommendations, and resolve advanced technical issues; work with other groups on project-wide efforts; show leadership in design and product direction discussions; work on small or medium-size Google technology that are part of a multi-system project; and provide technical leadership for small projects of moderate complexity and impact for Google, including coordinating project priorities.

MS (or foreign equiv.) in CS, Engg, Comp Info Syst, Math, Phys, or a related field and completion of a university-level course, research proj, internship, thesis, or 1 yr exp in: C, C++, Java, Javascript, Objective-C, Cocoa, HTML, or CSS; OO analysis and design; and adv algorithms, multithreading, mach. learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, APIs, natural language processing, or MapReduce. Any suitable combo of ed, train, or exp is acceptable.

Salary: $113,381-$150,000.

Sched: M-F, 9am—6pm.

Send resumes to: Recruitment and Employment Office

Google LLC.

Attn: Job Ref #: GOO98164

P.O. Box 56625

Atlanta, GA 30343

Google LLC

Kirkland , WA