2023 Captain Promotion

King County   Pioneer Square, WA   Full-time     Transportation
Posted on March 18, 2023
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$160,097.60 - $177,403.20 Annually

Multiple locations in King County, WA

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Civil Service, Full Time, 40/hrs Wk

KCSO - Sheriff's Office

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4/17/2023 11:59 PM Pacific



Current King County Sheriff's Office (KCSO) Sergeants with a minimum of three and a half (3.5) years' KCSO experience at the rank of sergeant.

The position of Captain is represented by Puget Sound Police Manager's Association (PSPMA). Employees covered by PSPMA may qualify for l ongevity and educational pay incentives. Refer to the PSPMA Agreement for more information.

Brannon Mark, Civil Service Administrator

Job Duties

The KCSO Captain provides leadership, administrative support, manages sections and units, and supervises both commissioned and non-commissioned staff within those sections or units. The functional assignments, tasks and duties associated with this position are listed below.

  1. Contract Police Administrator (Chief of Police) for a contract agency,
  2. Sheriff's Office unit or Section Commander, assuming administrative and/or operational responsibility for a major work unit providing internal support to the entire King County Sheriff's Office (e.g., with the Technical Services Division or Criminal Investigation Division), and
  3. Precinct Section Commander, assuming administrative and/or operational responsibility for a precinct (e.g., within the Patrol Operations Division).

SUPERVISION AND LEADERSHIP TASKS - Meet with assigned personnel to solve problems; Guide, motivate, and evaluate the work performance of subordinate personnel; Make sure that assigned personnel have the resources needed to complete their jobs; Provide supervisory support for assigned personnel, including technical assistance, and direction; Monitor subordinate conformity with agency policy and procedures; Monitor the overall work performance and work quality of assigned personnel; Conduct formal and informal counseling sessions with subordinates in order to correct work deficiencies and develop work skills; Investigate allegations of personnel misconduct, public complaints, internal complaints, and morale problems; Complete the documentation necessary to support personnel actions (i.e., commendations or disciplinary actions); Review and act on personnel / disciplinary recommendations from subordinate supervisors and managers; Analyze human resource needs and formulate plans to address needs; Review job performance evaluations completed by subordinate supervisors.

PROBLEM SOLVING TASKS - Evaluate the effectiveness of assigned programs, making adjustments as necessary to ensure attainment of goals; Review various records, reports and recommendations. Interpret and explain orders, policies, practices, procedures, and other operational information. Evaluate program or agency performance; Evaluate the records and documentation of assigned programs for overall quality control and adherence to legal and policy requirements. Manage or conduct complex investigations; Evaluate evidence and review written reports concerning witnesses, suspects, and citizen and employee complaints. Conduct studies, such as crime analysis, trend analysis, traffic pattern analysis, program analysis, etc. Research records and files as part of an investigation or special staff assignment / project. Prepare statistical and narrative reports of activities within a Division, as required. Prepare detailed analytical reports.

RELATIONSHIP, COORDINATION AND LIAISON TASKS - Establish and maintain effective channels of communication and working relationships with employees and citizens in contract agencies. Establish and maintain effective channels of communication with citizens and business people. Develop working relationships with local heads of allied agencies and public leaders within the jurisdiction of the command to promote a positive image for the King County Sheriff's Office and/or contract agency. Establish contractual relationships with other agencies for the provision of police services. Serve as a liaison to other law enforcement agencies. Serve on agency committees in a leadership capacity. Work with other agencies on major policing problems, investigations, and emergencies. Make formal presentations to various civic groups, contract agency governing bodies, and law enforcement groups regarding KCSO / agency activities, policies and programs. Provide information to the news media regarding King County Sheriff's Office and/or contract agency by appearing on local media programs or responding to questions from reporters.

FISCAL MANAGEMENT, RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND BUDGETING TASKS - Plan for equipment needs, staffing, overtime, supplies, etc. Develop long-range plans, including budgetary, personnel and equipment needs. Manage a complete budget for a program, unit, section or contract agency. Analyze budget requests and perform continuous budgetary control of appropriations. Take responsibility for budget preparation, including revenue forecasts, budget defense, and presentation for a program, unit, section or contract agency. Allocate and commit agency resources. Analyze, review, and make independent recommendations regarding budgetary and related fiscal affairs. Plan, coordinate and direct the implementation of grants, specialized studies, projects, and programs.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TASKS - Take responsibility for accomplishment of goals. Determine agency or program direction and priorities. Establish goals and performance objectives. Establish policies for a program, unit, section or contract agency.

OPERATIONAL DUTIES - Respond as a field supervisor to major emergency problems to provide management of the situation and assistance to Sergeants and Officers (e.g., as on-scene incident commander).Coordinate and/or respond to emergency situations such as natural disasters, public demonstrations, strikes, riots, traffic problems, and other incidents in order to provide leadership. Direct personnel and resources during emergency operations. Respond to dangerous calls and emergency problems to provide incident command. Plan KCSO response to high-risk events, identified problems, crime patterns, and community events.

RELATED PEACE OFFICER DUTIES - Serve as the Command Duty Officer (CDO) with responsibility for managing the department's response to and handling of all major law enforcement incidents within King County. Perform the essential work functions of a peace officer (i.e., perform tasks that are typically performed by Sergeants and Deputies - such as arresting a suspect).

Experience, Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills

A minimum of three and a half (3.5) years' experience as King County Sheriff's Office Sergeant. Waivers will not be considered .

LEADERSHIP AND PEOPLE MANAGEMENT SKILLS - The ability to function as a positive role model for other personnel. Ability to lead through example and action, recognize performance problems in individuals, teams or programs, and formulate effective corrective or management measures. Ability to effectively manage personnel under a bargaining agreement, evaluate the results of assigned work and responsibilities and provide constructive feedback to assigned personnel.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS - The ability to effectively and empathetically deliver information, both verbally and in writing, to subordinates, peers, managers, the public, and other agencies. Ability to listen to others attentively and with comprehension; ability to verbally interact with other members of the Department as a team member. Ability to verbally communicate with the public in order to provide information or direction, and respond to inquiries; ability and composure to verbally direct or order individuals or groups (i.e., from individual suspects to crowds) in relation to law enforcement duties. Skilled in written communication, ability to compose correspondence, narrative reports, and new policies and procedures. Ability to conduct and control a meeting, ability to prepare clear, concise and comprehensive procedural directives and plans.

DECISION MAKING SKILLS - The ability to make a decision, under routine and emergency conditions, and exercise appropriate judgment during routine and emergency situations. Ability to use common sense and reach logical conclusions. Ability to develop and propose appropriate recommendations. Ability to act upon and make decisions regarding recommendations presented by others.

INTERPERSONAL SKILLS - The ability to present a positive image for the King County Sheriff's Office and/or contract agency to the public and allied agencies. Ability to resolve or mediate conflict between individuals and groups. Ability to persuade others to a particular point of view.

PROBLEM ANALYSIS SKILLS - The ability to analyze one's own decisions, and re-evaluate or change a given course of action, considering new information and analysis. Ability to remain open to new ideas, approaches or techniques, and modify plans as needed after making a decision. Ability to think critically about problems, situations, investigations, and reports. Ability to identify and analyze problems, and develop alternative solutions to problems, evaluate courses of action and reach logical conclusions.

ANALYTICAL SKILLS - The ability to predict, forecast, or make reasonable and effective projections about the effect of one's management of personnel, resources, and programs; ability to prepare and manage a budget; ability to analyze budgets and fiscal issues for a program, unit, section or contract agency; ability to analyze and measure productivity; ability to conduct statistical analysis (trends, descriptive, inferential, etc.).

AGENCY AND PROGRAM MANAGEMENT SKILLS - The ability to work effectively in a politically sensitive environment, and effectively contribute to the mission of the department and/or contract agency. Ability to implement, evaluate, and modify tactical plans during an emergency incident. Ability to establish goals and objectives. Ability to effectively manage a large and/or complex program, unit, section or contract agency; skill with understanding the organization-wide effect of small changes in policy and procedure that may be implemented at a unit or section level; ability to monitor or evaluate progress toward goals, through reports from others, program data, budget data, statistical indicators, etc. Ability to safely and effectively perform the Command Duty Officer assignment; ability to prioritize tasks or events for a program, unit, section or contract agency. Ability to establish work priorities and schedule tasks, events, personnel and resources for specific situations, problems and projects; ability to effectively disseminate information through the chain of command.

TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE - Knowledge of administrative policies and procedures for the King County Sheriff's Office. King County Sheriff's Office policies and procedures regarding Operations and response to critical incidents. King County Sheriff's Office resources and staffing available for both emergency and non-emergency situations. Knowledge of administrative policies and procedures for one or more contract agencies, collective bargaining agreements, union contracts, and memoranda of understanding related to the captain role, and all employees managed by the captain. Skilled in resources management, personnel and programs. Knowledge of state and federal criminal law, Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Knowlege of the principles and practices of managing a large and/or complex program, project, or work unit, the budget process for one or more contract agencies, and the essential job functions of all sworn and non-sworn personnel managed by the captain. Knowlege of the budget process for the King County Sheriff's Office. Knowledge of local, regional, state, federal agencies and related resources that are available or must be contacted in specific emergencies or administrative circumstances. Knowledge of the principles and practices of succession planning, fiscal management principles and techniques.

Supplemental Information


To be considered for this promotional opportunity, you must complete the on-line application via governmentjobs.com . Applications will be accepted between March 17 - April 17, 2023, and will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy.

The deadline to apply is 11:59 pm Monday, April 17, 2023.

Applications must provide clear and detailed information.
  • Applications that state "see my resume" or "see my personnel file" are considered incomplete and will not be accepted.
  • Use a single entry in the work history section to provide KCSO Sergeant experience.
  • Use a single entry in the work history section to provide your KCSO Deputy experience.
  • Hand delivered applications will not be accepted.
Virtual Candidate Orientation
Tuesday, May 16, 2023
10:00 am - 11:00 am
*A recording of the presentation will be provided to qualified candidates.

Assessment Center Examination (ACE)
June 21, 22, 23, 2023
The schedule will be determined by the number of qualified candidates. Location and scheduling instructions will be provided following the Candidate Orientation. No make-up sessions will be allowed.

This is a civil service position. The 2023 Captain Promotion will be administered in accordance with applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements and the King County Civil Service Rules (CSR). Access to these rules can be found at: Civil_Service_Rules_090315.ashx (kingcounty.gov)

Appeal Rights - King County Civil Service Rules, Section 8.5, 8.6 and 8.7 outline the appeal process for Civil Service exams.
Promotional Exams - The King County Captain promotional hiring process is based solely upon merit, efficiency, and fitness; and is being conducted under the authority of the King County Civil Service Rules, and in accordance with RCW 41.14.080, as amended.
Commission Review of Examination Results - In accordance with Civil Service Rule 8.4.1: "Prior to certification from a new employment list, the overall test results must be accepted by the Commission. If the Commission rejects the results, it must state publicly its reasons for so doing. Notice of this discretionary power of the Commission will be clearly stated on all recruiting announcements."
Civil Service Eligibility List - In accordance with Civil Service Rule 9, candidates who pass all required exams will be placed on the eligibility list in rank order, based on the overall examination score.
Filling Vacancies - King County Civil Rules, Section 10.3, outline how the King County Sheriff will appoint eligible candidates to vacant positions.

The King County Sheriff's Office offers competitive wages and a generous benefit package that includes fully-paid premiums for medical, dental and vision insurance for employees and their dependents. We also provide fully paid premiums for basic life insurance, a generous vacation and sick leave program, and membership in Washington State's LEOFF retirement plan.

More information about employee benefits is available on the county's website at: http://www.kingcounty.gov/employees/benefits/YourKingCountyBenefits.aspx