Commissioner Pro-Tempore - Ex Parte

King County   Auburn, WA   Full-time     Administration / Clerical
Posted on July 26, 2022
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This is a re-opening of a position that was previously posted from October 7 to October 18, 2021. Candidates who submitted complete applications for that posting and who still wish to be considered do not need to re-apply, but may update their materials consistent with this position description.
This posting is open until a sufficient number of candidates have been hired to serve as Commissioners Pro-Tempore for the Ex Parte Calendar.
This posting is to fill multiple Ex Parte Commissioner Pro-Tempore positions:
The hourly pay rate for commissioners Pro-Tempore is $104.23.

Who may apply: This position is open to attorneys licensed to practice in Washington State.
These positions are at-will and are not represented by a union.
Work Schedule:   The Commissioner Pro-Tempore is an intermittent, temporary position, filling in when a sitting judicial officer is unavailable.  The hours of work are typically between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Work Location:  These positions may serve in the following King County Superior Court facilities:  King County Courthouse - 516 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA  98104; Maleng Regional Justice Center - 401 4th Avenue N., Kent, WA 98032.

Required Application Materials: 

  1. You must completely fill out the on-line application with your relevant education and work experience. Applications that state "see my resume" are considered incomplete and will not be accepted.
  2. You must include a resume and a letter of interest describing how you meet or exceed the requirements of the position and the percentage of your practice that involves adult and/or minor guardianship pursuant to the Uniform Guardianship Act, unlawful detainers, probate/TEDRA, and civil protection orders. These materials are supplemental to your application.
  3. You must complete and attach the following:
  • Confirmation of Citizenship form, per RCW 2.24.010 
  • WSBA Release 
  • Criminal Records Background Check form
Electronic versions of these documents may be found at the link below, under "Work for Superior Court":

Job Duties

Ex Parte:  Pro-Tempore Ex Parte Commissioners hear matters in the Ex Parte Department, including but not limited to the following issues:

  • Guardianship 
  • Trusts 
  • Probate 
  • Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution (TEDRA) matters 
  • Commercial and residential unlawful detainers 
  • Civil Temporary Restraining Orders 
  • Receivership and foreclosure 
  • Debt collection 
  • Temporary custody/restraining orders in Family Law matters 
  • Temporary Domestic Violence Protection Orders, Temporary Anti-Harassment Protection Orders, Temporary Anti-Stalking Protection Orders, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, and Sexual Assault Protection Orders
  • Temporary Orders to Surrender Weapons  
  • Adoption of children and adults and other orders relating to adoption petitions 
  • Ex Parte and uncontested civil matters of any nature, subject to local rule Family Law matters under RCW 26.09, including dissolutions of marriage and legal separations for uncontested cases.
  • Other matters as assigned by the Presiding Judge. 

Experience, Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills

Applicants must meet the requirements of RCW 2.24.010.  Membership in good standing with the Washington State Bar Association, with no history of discipline by the Washington State Bar Association, is required.  Must be able to effectively use a personal computer, Microsoft Office programs, and the Zoom videoconferencing application.

Knowledge of the judicial system and King County local rules, statutes, legal principles and case precedents, court procedures, King County Superior Court protocols, and King County Superior Court calendaring practices is required. At least 50% of the applicant's current practice and five years of recent experience must be in the areas of Adult and Minor Guardianships, Trusts, Estates, and TEDRA. Knowledge of Family Law, Civil Protection Orders, and/or Unlawful Detainer actions is preferred.

The ability to objectively identify, analyze and interpret legal issues, principles and arguments; direct and control courtroom proceedings in a decisive, orderly, equitable and trauma-informed manner is required.  A successful candidate will be able to communicate orally and in writing in a concise, professional, and effective manner, exercise appropriate judicial temperament and demeanor, and effectively handle pressure in difficult and unexpected situations by responding in a calm, trauma informed and rational manner.
The ability to effectively manage a high volume court calendar involving self-represented litigants, within appropriate time frames, including the requisite reading and preparation, is required.
The ability to proficiently use court-based technology programs, including KC Script, KCMS, Ex Parte via the Clerk, Orders for Review, and E-Filing is required.
The ability to utilize a variety of web-based remote platforms to facilitate telephone and video appearances in cases where permitted by these rules, court order, statutes, or other rules of the court is required.

Supplemental Information

Necessary special requirements:  The ability to reliably travel throughout the county is required. Finalists are subject to the Washington State Patrol criminal background check and a reference check. Criminal background records are not automatically disqualifying.

As of December 6, 2021, King County Superior Court employees are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  Your response to questions regarding vaccination status will be reviewed as part of Superior Court' hiring process.

Selection process:  Application materials will be screened for qualifications and offers will be made to the most competitive candidates.
 Union membership:  These positions are not represented by a union.

King County Superior Court is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Employer
No person is unlawfully excluded from employment opportunities based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation and pregnancy), age, genetic information, disability, veteran status, or other protected class. Our EEO policy applies to all employment actions, including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, selection for training, promotion, transfer, demotion, layoff, termination, rates of pay or other forms of compensation.

If you have questions regarding this position, please call King County Superior Court Human Resources at 206-477-1536.

King County offers a highly-competitive compensation and benefits package designed to meet the diverse needs of our employees and support our employees' health and well-being.  Eligible positions receive the following benefits and have access to the following programs:

  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage: King County pays 100% of the premiums for eligible employees and family members
  • Life and disability insurance: employees are provided basic coverage and given the opportunity to purchase additional insurance for both the employee and eligible dependents
  • Retirement: King County employees are eligible to participate in a pension plan through the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems and a 457(b) deferred-compensation plan
  • Transportation program and ORCA transit pass
  • 10 paid holidays each year (plus 2 personal holidays)
  • Generous vacation and paid sick leave
  • Paid parental leave, family and medical leaves, and volunteer leave
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Wellness programs
  • Onsite gyms and activity centers
  • Employee giving program
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Flexible schedules and telecommuting options, depending on position
  • Training and career development programs
For additional information about employee benefits please visit our Benefits, Payroll, and Retirement Page.

This is a general description of the benefits offered to eligible King County employees, and every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy.  If any information on this document conflicts with the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the CBA prevails.  Also, in the event of any incorrect information in this document, applicable laws, policies, rules, CBAs, or official plan documents will prevail.
NOTE:  Benefits for Term Limited Temporary (TLT) or Short Term Temporary (STT) positions, including leave eligibility and/or participation in the pension plan through the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems, will vary based upon the terms and details of the position. Short Term Temporary positions are not eligible for an ORCA transit pass.
For inquiries about the specifics of this position, please contact the recruiter identified on this job posting.

This application requires the following documents: 1) Resume 2) Cover Letter 3) WSBA release 4) Criminal Background release 5) Confirmation of Citizenship. Please contact Superior Court Human Resources at (206) 477-1536 for WSBA release, Criminal Background Release and Confirmation of Citizenship forms, if you cannot access these documents electronically. If you do not include these forms your application will be incomplete and will not be considered. Have you included these forms?
  • Yes
  • No
Are you a member in good standing of the Washington State Bar Association?
  • Yes
  • No
What percentage of your current practice is in the areas of Adult and Minor Guardianships pursuant to the UGA, Trusts, Estates, or TEDRA?
How many years of recent experience do you have in the areas of Adult and Minor Guardianships, Trusts, Estates, or TEDRA?
Do you have knowledge of, or experience in, the areas of Family Law? If yes, please describe.
Do you have knowledge of, or experience in, Civil Protection Orders? If yes, please describe in detail including knowledge of recent legislative changes.
Do you have knowledge of, or experience in, Unlawful Detainer actions? If yes, please describe in detail including knowledge of recent legislative changes.
Please describe any experience you have had working with self-represented litigants. If none, please enter "none".
State the number of civil cases in which you have been chief counsel in state Superior Court in the last five years. You may estimate the number of cases by giving a range of values, e.g. "between 10 and 20." If none, please enter "none."
Identify all your experience as a neutral decision maker, e.g. judge (permanent or pro-tem), Court Commissioner (permanent or pro-tem), administrative law judge, arbitrator, hearing officer, etc. If none, please enter "none."
Have you ever been disciplined or cited for a breach of ethics or unprofessional conduct by, or is any investigation currently pending before any court, administrative agency, bar association, disciplinary committee or other professional group?
  • Yes
  • No
If you answered "Yes" to Question 11 above, please give the particulars, including resolution. If you answered "No," please enter "N/A."
Has a client ever made a claim or filed suit against you for malpractice or any other cause?
  • Yes
  • No
If you answered "Yes" to Question 13 above, please give the particulars. If you answered "No," please enter "N/A."
Have you ever been adjudged guilty of a crime (excluding minor traffic offenses)?
  • Yes
  • No
If you answered "Yes" to Question 15 above, please give the particulars. If you answered "No," please enter "N/A."
If you have ever sat as a judge, have you ever received any form of discipline by the Judicial Conduct Commission? Please answer with a Yes or a No. If you have never sat as a judge, please enter "N/A."
If you answered "Yes" to Question 17 above, please give the particulars. If you answered "No," please enter "N/A
Identify three matters which you personally handled and briefly summarize the nature of each case. Describe the nature and date of your participation. Provide the case name and case number or, if reported, the case citation. If you have been a judge, include some cases that have been tried before you.
Please describe your availability (approximate number of days per quarter) to serve, if called, including how much notice you require.
List the names, phone numbers and email addresses of three opposing counsel for at least three trials, fact-finding hearings, or contested motions in the past five years.
If you have been a judge or otherwise served as a neutral decision maker, list the names, phone numbers and email addresses of three attorneys who have appeared before you. If you have not served in this capacity, please enter "N/A."
If you served as a mediator or facilitator of dispute resolution, list the names, phone numbers and email addresses of three attorneys who have recently appeared before you. If you have not served in this capacity, please enter "N/A."
List the names, phone numbers and email addresses of three non-attorney references whose opinions or observations would assist the committee in its evaluation of you.

Required Question