King County Water District #20

Seattle, WA


King County Water District #20 is a Special Purpose Water District established in 1925 by a qualified vote of the people. The District is a municipal Group A Water System serving an urban area of southwestern King County. The District is a public water system dedicated to providing clean potable water to residential and commercial customers within the City's of Burien, Tuckwila, SeaTac, Seattle and portions of unincorporated King County. The system is regulated by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) and governed by an elected board of three Commissioners with staggered six-year terms. The Board of Commissioners sets policy for implementation by the District’s General Manager and staff. The District’s water system consists of a fully metered network of transmission and distribution mains, valves, and other appurtenances, one reservoir, one booster pump station and twelve master meter supply points. There is approximately 152 miles of water main in the system. The District is part of a regional water supply system supplying water to businesses and residents south of Seattle. The District obtains water from the SPU regional supply system and delivers it to its customers through a network of transmission and distribution mains, valves, storage and pumping facilities and meters. As of December 2020, the District had a total of 9,899 retail water service connections comprised of 8,974 residential, 781 multi-unit, 611 commercial/school/government, and 93 irrigation connections, with 6 wholesale accounts. The wholesale accounts represent metered connections to neighboring jurisdictions.

Jobs at King County Water District #20

Field Technician (Water Distribution)

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JOB SUMMARY: Assists in most areas of maintaining, repairing and inspecting water mains, water services, pump stations and reservoirs. Examples of typical wo...

King County Water District #20
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