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Northshore Schools District   Bothell, WA   Full-time     Information Services / Technology (IT)
Posted on November 15, 2022
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This position is primarily responsible for managing Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wireless LANs in the district’s 39 locations. Our wired and Aruba wireless networks support over 40,000 computing devices plus phones, printers, cameras and security sensors, intercom speakers and controllers, controllers for lighting, HVAC and more. This position works with the Senior Network Engineer on routing, network security, and selection of products and services. The position supervises work for other network staff and assistants to ensure maximum reliability and performance of the networks and monitors work orders for the group. The position also recommends purchases to maintain stock of equipment and supplies, participates in budget planning, researches and recommends improvements in network equipment and services, and participates in construction planning and management for data cable upgrades and expansions.

This list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.
1. Manage the district wired LANs in all buildings, including all changes to connections and equipment. Proactively replace, remove or add equipment as needed to meet both the network and PoE power needs of attached devices. Troubleshoot and resolve issues that are detected or reported and work with network staff to identify and implement improvements to network performance and/or reliability. Manage requests to add or remove connections for district phones, printers, and other devices or to add new network jacks. Define best practices for staff supporting network equipment and connections and ensure network staff are trained in those practices. Maintain physical labeling of all network equipment to include any port restrictions, and echo and expand that in equipment configurations and online documentation. Regularly review online documentation of network jack connections in district buildings and ensure staff are accurately updating as changes are made.
2. Manage the district wireless LAN in all buildings, including all changes to connections and equipment. Proactively replace, move or add wireless access points and other equipment as needed to support wireless connection requirements and coverage in all district buildings, including those installed for outside coverage or bridge connections. Troubleshoot and resolve issues that are detected or reported and work with network staff to identify and implement improvements to network performance and/or reliability. Define best practices for staff supporting wireless equipment and connections and ensure network staff are trained in those practices. Maintain online documentation of wireless access point locations. Perform “heat map” walkthroughs of buildings to verify actual coverage matches expected.
3. Supervise the work of Network Technician and Technology Assistants (TA) in support of all above tasks. Manage work orders assigned to these network staff and check that work orders are completed in a reasonable amount of time and that comments are added to clearly indicate the work that was done. Manage on-boarding training for TAs and check that they have been properly trained for work assigned to them. Provide additional training as TAs gain experience and demonstrate competence.

4. Track software and firmware update releases from vendors for network products used on the district wired and wireless LANs and arrange updates as needed, working with other Technology staff to coordinate those that may result in a service interruption. Work with Senior Network Engineer (SNE) to review new or changed features in updates and plan for the impact on district services. Work with Network Security Engineer (NSE) to track security notices related to district network equipment and services and plan for installation of security patches and updates as needed.
5. Manage the district inventory of LAN and wireless LAN equipment and identify purchases needed to replace equipment before it drops out of support or becomes otherwise unusable. Work with the Infrastructure team to project costs for Bond and Levy projects. Test new versions of equipment in use to determine suitability for upgrades and compatibility with existing products. At regular intervals, work with SNE to arrange comparison testing of vendor products to ensure that the district is using the best products available for our networks.
6. Maintain training in the configuration and management of all district LAN and wireless LAN equipment and train other network staff to provide backup support and assist with projects. Maintain training on district WAN equipment and phone services in order to provide backup support when other network staff are unavailable or assist with projects. Obtain and maintain training on district services for IP management, access control, network monitoring, and SIEM as needed for network management, troubleshooting and forensic investigations.
7. Work with other departments as needed to support network connections for intercom systems, security systems, lighting controls, HVAC controls, and other devices that connect to the network for the operation and support of district facilities. Work with district low voltage electricians to coordinate their network cable installations and to maintain their training on network installation standards.
8. Work with network staff to update the district network construction standards documents as needed to address changes in technology and material or design improvements. Work with Capital Projects staff to review construction plans and ensure that installations support adequate network coverage and adherence to the network construction standards. Work with SNE on Technology projects to update or expand data wiring in schools. Provide support during construction projects to train data sub-contractors on network installation standards and practices and then to monitor and check the work with spot testing of connections. Review test results from contractors for installed cable to verify that all connections have been tested and pass the district’s required testing.
9. Maintain online documentation of LAN and wireless LAN vendors, consultants and contractors utilized by the district and procedures for contacting for support issues or sales. Include in documentation information for key district staff responsible for security and maintenance systems on the network and unusual network configurations for systems such as readerboards and Radio-over-IP services. Maintain current account and password information for network devices and services in the district password management service and update logins as needed to maintain network security.

10. Work with the SNE in planning IP address allocation for the district’s networks and associated network changes in LAN equipment. Work with the SNE in planning wireless network SSIDs and their deployment across the district. Work with network staff and NSE on network security projects including access control for wired and wireless networks.
11. Attend trainings, vendor presentations, and other opportunities needed to maintain network knowledge and skills and stay aware of new trends in networking. Advise supervisor on new technologies, products and protocols that may be useful in the district. Perform product evaluations and feasibility studies on new products and technologies. Work with network team and supervisor to plan large-scale network projects that have district-wide impact.
12. Attend district meetings, team meetings, and trainings as required by the District.
13. Perform other duties as assigned consistent with scope and intent of employee assignment.

Reports to the Network Operations Manager

Required to meet inflexible deadlines; required to concentrate mentally and visually for extended periods of time; occasionally required to deal with distraught or frustrated people; occasionally required to work flexible and irregular hours to complete tasks, occasionally required to lift and carry equipment and supplies up to 50 pounds; required to operate a motor vehicle and drive between sites; manual dexterity and precision required to make network connections and operate a computer.

AFFILIATION Non-represented (NNRAP Prof/Tech)


CONTRACT 260 Days/8 

FLSA Exempt

ANNUAL SALARY: $116,298 - $122,185 depending on experience


Education and Experience
This position requires a two-year post-secondary degree program in a network specialty and two years paid experience in full-time network management OR four years paid experience in full-time network management and support. Requires experience configuring and supporting network routers and switches. Requires knowledge of networking protocols and a thorough understanding of DNS and DHCP services. Requires experience with Quality of Service and Multicast over routed networks. Requires experience supporting wireless networking and experience deploying wireless access points. Requires experience with common network troubleshooting tools including packet analyzers like Wireshark.
Prefer experience managing an Aruba on-premises wireless networks and experience with Aruba ClearPass. Prefer experience managing a wireless network with multiple SSIDs. Prefer experience troubleshooting fiber optic connections using power meter and/or OTDR tester. Prefer experience managing power levels on PoE switches. Prefer experience supporting a network with Voice-over-IP and/or SIP devices. Prefer experience supporting bridged wireless connections. Prefer prior experience providing network support in a K-12 education environment.

Allowable Substitution
An equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experience, as determined by the district, may substitute for the required two-year post-secondary degree or other specified experience.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Ability to read, write and communicate technical information effectively; ability to work both independently and cooperatively with others; ability to work irregular and flexible hours as required; ability to establish effective work priorities and to plan and organize work effectively; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff. Ability to lift, carry and install equipment weighing up to 50 pounds.

Licenses/Special Requirements
Valid Washington State driver’s license.

Job description prepared by Northshore School District, 11/2022 JW