The Mountain-Whisper-Light, Inc.   Seattle, WA   Full-time     Biomedical Engineering
Posted on October 6, 2021

Biostatistician, The Mountain-Whisper-Light, Inc.: Uses NCI mthd to mdl distrbtn of dietary intakes in popltns; dsgns Rndmzd Clncl Trls; prfrms biostatcl cnsltng. Reqs: MS in Biostats & 1 FTE yr of exp in job offrd or Biostatcl Rsrch. Wll accpt any job ttl if exp or educ incl: hlth rltd biostatcl anlyss & cnsltng; use of NCI mthd fr dtry assessmt; dsgn of rndmzd clncl trls; non-lnr, mxd-effcts, nonparmetrc rgrssn models; Bayesian anlyss, Monte Carlo technqs, survivl & categrcl data anlyss, smpl srvy mthds; & wrkng w/ cnsus data, mchne lrnng technqs (wll accpt neurl ntwrks OR tree-bsd mthds), & progrmng in R & Python. Loc: Seattle, WA Contact: