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Program Operations Specialist

University of Washington
Seattle, WA Full-time
Posted on January 9, 2020

The Program Operations Specialist (POS) will perform professional level program administration
and management of the Pathways and Partnerships for Indigenous Studies (PPIS) program,
housed in the Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies (CAIIS) at the University of
Washington. This position will require the POS to exercise independent judgment, decision
making, and substantial responsibilities to ensure program success. The POS will need to utilize
in-depth knowledge of the program goals to allocate resources and establish policies, methods,
and procedures for the program. The POS will also ensure that the program conforms to
institutional and department policies and regulations.
Specifically, the POS will work with wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – Intellectual House at UW to host the Native
UW Scholars (NUW) program starting in 2020, build relationships with two-year and tribal
colleges in the area, host a Pedagogy Summit twice a year, and create application processes for
the various student peer mentorship programs, the American Indian and Indigenous Studies
(AIIS) Scholars Program, and the Native Knowledge-in-Residence guest speaker program.
The PPIS program includes six core aspects the POS will be in charge of administrating:
A. Native UW Scholars Program (NUW Scholars) - A cohort-based bridge program for
incoming Native students;
B. Native Pathways Program - Partnerships with two-year colleges to create pathways for
Native transfer students;
C. Research Family Experiences - An undergraduate-level Indigenous Research Academy
and multiple research family opportunities in the Indigenous humanities;
D. Summer Institute on Global Indigeneities - A week-long intensive graduate seminar
focused on professionalization in Indigenous studies disciplines;
E. American Indian and Indigenous Studies Scholars - A faculty-graduate student
seminar, with the goal of supporting scholars to complete research projects that are key to
their professional advancement; and
F. Native Knowledge-in-Residence Program - Funding to support Indigenous knowledge
initiatives across our campuses, creating space for forms of knowing that have long
histories in the lands where the UW exists, but have not been part of extant curricular
 Collaborate with the Director and Co-Director of the CAIIS and collaborate with the
Administrator of American Indian Studies on the various aspects of the work related to
the PPIS grant.
 Monitor, control, reconcile, and review budget status and expenditures.
 Act as point of contact and representative/spokesperson for the program.
 Create content about the program for the website, publicity, and other
 Schedule, advertise and manage, events.
 Coordinate travel and accommodation for visiting participants.
 Draft reports for submission to the Mellon Foundation.
 Work with wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – Intellectual House at UW to implement the NUW Scholars
 Administer the partnership between the CAIIS and two-year colleges to implement the
Native Pathways Program.
 Work with undergraduates and UW faculty to create the Research Family Experiences.
 Coordinate with CAIIS faculty on the planning and implementation of the Summer
Institute on Global Indigeneities.
 Work with UW doctoral students and faculty to plan the AIIS Scholars seminar.
 Coordinate to bring Native Knowledge-in-Residence participants to campus.
 Coordinate selection and participation of undergraduate and graduate students in the
various programs.
 Act as point of contact and representative/spokesperson for the program.
 Other duties as needed.
 Bachelor’s degree plus 2 years of experience working in higher education and/or
American Indian and Indigenous communities.
 Demonstrated experience with budgeting and accounting practices.
 Demonstrated program- or project-management skills and experience, including
logistical support.
 Project management experience.
 Excellent organizational skills.
 Ability to work independently and collaboratively.
 Excellent interpersonal and communication (oral and written) skills.
 Excellent computer skills, including fluency with the suite of Microsoft Office and Web
editing applications.
 Ability to conduct off-site meetings with institutional partners.
 Knowledge of the broad educational goals of two-year colleges and research
 Knowledge of and relationships with American Indian and Indigenous communities
 Experience collaborating inter-institutionally and with persons of diverse professional
backgrounds and ranks, including faculty and graduate students in the humanities and
social sciences.
 Experience in grant reporting and grant administration.
 Experience organizing workshops or conferences.
 Masters’ degree preferred.